Pupil Well-being


In terms of student wellbeing Waverley School provides a plethora of activities for our students. Some examples are highlighted below;

After School Clubs, Football, GAS (Games and Sports)club, Cricket Academy & School Choir.

In Form time, activities include SEAL (Social and Emotional aspects of Learning), and PHSE (Personal, Social and Health Education) sessions which nurtures the childs emotional aspects.

The school also provides counselling for a variety of issues and targeted support for any concerns our students may have.

We encourage our pupils to participate in Team building activities which also include Residentials for boys and girls.


All students and staff are expected to work together to create a positive working environment which allows the whole school community to achieve their potential. All are expected to adhere to the school rules which have been defined to underpin the work of the school.

To help us achieve our aims and objectives the school operates a ‘Behaviour for Learning’ policy.

Its aims and objectives are:

  • Helping people learn – laying the foundations for later success and choices.
  • Creating opportunities for everyone – broadening and widening horizons.
  • Think differently, experiment, try new ideas, be creative and innovative.
  • Creating a stimulating, pleasant and collaborative learning environment.
  • Ensure that new technologies are embraced and used to enhance learning.
  • Keeping ahead of initiatives, making them work for us.
  • Making sacrifices – putting students first.
  • A commitment to creating the school as a focus of a learning community – school as core.
  • Being able to leave Waverley and be successful anytime, anyplace, anywhere,
  • A commitment to learning through diversity.
  • To ensure that all students understand the importance of being healthy and are healthy.
  • To be safe in school and the community.
  • All individuals enjoy and achieve success.
  • We all make a positive contribution to the school, community and society.
  • Learning enables all to achieve economic well-being.

If you would like more information on the Behaviour Policy please look at the School Policies under the Information section.



Learners from Years 4-13 at Waverley School have access to the TootToot platform to report any bullying concerns they may have. Please click here to access TootToot.