Waverley School Vision


Our vision for Waverley School ensures that we create an environment that allows all learners to flourish by encouraging mutual respect

  • Everyone will realise and achieve their potential
  • We are the centre of the community and have the responsibility for its learning
  • We will develop opportunities that will provide for the social and economic well-being of our community
  • We value the diversity of our community, the wider world, and respect the individuality of everyone.
  • We will ensure everyone in our school community has an understanding of human values and attitudes, past and present. This will include how society is organised and develops
  • Pupils will be empowered to succeed within a British and Global society that will equip them to be the citizens of tomorrow, anytime anywhere and any place

We support the academic curriculum through our school values:


  • Enabling all pupils to succeed in a global and British Society, through fostering an understanding of human values and attitudes, past and present.


  • We value the diversity of the school community and respect the individuality of each person to ensure that there is an equality of opportunity for everyone.


  • We all have the right to achieve and share the achievements (excellence) from all our backgrounds.


  • We value diversity and respect the individuality of each person by creating an environment which allows all to flourish through mutual respect.

Through our delivery of this vision and our school values, we believe we are effective in supporting the Waverley Education Trust core aims of:

  • Laying the foundations for success
  • Creating opportunities, broadening horizons
  • Being creative and innovative
  • Having a stimulating, pleasant and collaborative learning environment
  • Putting pupils first (at the heart of everything we do)
  • Learning through diversity
  • To be healthy, safe and secure
  • All individuals enjoy and achieve success
  • Making a positive contribution to the school, community and society.
  • Developing economic, social and emotional well-being.