Our Staff

We have a talented body of staff at Waverley School that provide engaging and informative lessons for all of our students


R1 Mrs Sultan

R2: Ms Rehman

R3: Mrs Ahktar

Year 1

1A: Mrs Boyle

1B: Dr Bodhanker

1C: Mrs Garner

Year 2 

2A: Ms Zafar

2B: Ms Zia

2C: Mrs Nannua

Year 3

3A: Ms S Akhtar

3B: Mrs Ahmed

3C: Ms F Akhtar

Year 4

4A: Mr Yousaf

4B: Mr Lewis

4C: Mr Suman

Year 5

5A: Mrs Younus

5B: Mr Muneem

5C: Mrs Wali

Year 6

6A: Mr Gould

6B: Ms Javed

6C: Ms Ellahi

Primary Resource Base: Ms Bi

Directors of Learning

EYFS & Year 1: Ms Robertson

Year 2 & Year 3: Mrs Abid

Year 4: Mrs Pitt

Year 5: Ms Zamir

Year 6: Mr Malik

Directors of SEND: Mrs Cain


Primary - Early Years Education

We feel it is vital that all children are given the best start in life and the well planned environment should encourage the children in the development of skills, attitudes and understanding that will help them to live full satisfying lives and become confident, active members of a diverse changing society.

Our Early Years curriculum planning is based on the six areas of learning set out in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Curriculum.

Our staff have an excellent understanding of the way in which young children learn, as well as the content of their learning. Lessons are carefully planned and the activities are purposeful and enjoyable. We ensure that all children have a positive first experience of school.

Our aims in the Foundation Stage are:

  • To create a happy and secure environment
  • To lay sound foundations for the acquisition of skills and knowledge
  • To encourage and help the children to develop good relationships with adults and other children
  • To provide stimulating and satisfying experiences suitable for the child’s all round development
  • To encourage the acquisition, use and enjoyment of effective language
  • To establish a working partnership with parents
  • To encourage the development of aesthetic appreciation
  • To develop the children’s awareness of the world and of their place in that world
  • To encourage the children to develop lively, inquisitive minds and the ability to think and reason
  • To help the children to become confident and independent and to feel good about themselves
  • To help the children gain an awareness of the cultures and beliefs of other

The indoor and outdoor learning environment has been zoned into areas of learning in a way which stimulates enquiry, communication and problem solving. It is a sensory and nurturing environment which develops the uniqueness of each child. It provides a balance of self-chosen and adult directed activities so that children learn to make independent choices and develop confidence and self-esteem.

Childhood is a time of play through which children discover the excitement of learning, the rewards of achievement and acquire life skills.

Our focus is to develop good communication skills, help pupils make sense of the world and give them the opportunity to think creatively both alongside other children and on their own.