Primary Phase School Council 


The school council at Waverley School is an important part of the school. Current issues that affect pupils and the running of the school are explored and discussed as appropriate with a member of staff. School council members also attend other events to represent the school and explore issues such as healthy eating, playground equipment, the discussions surrounding children’s rights and much more, in schools.

Who We Are

Current members of the school council have been nominated according to a representative per house team, per year group. We have a chair (on rotation), a secretary and a timekeeper, which includes the following for the current academic year 2016-2017, until March 2018.   We meet at least twice per half term.







Year 1

1B - S. R.

1A - M. H.

1A - Y. R.

1C T. - K.

Year 2

2A - Z.A.

2C - F.A.

2B A 

2C - R

2B -T.S.

Year 3

3A - K

3B- L. C.

3A - A. R.

3B - H. S.

Year 4

4B - H. F.

4A - M. K.

4A - R. E.

4C R. H.








In April 2018, a School Council election will be held for the new School Council

Our current action points are to:

  • Learn more about the 54 Articles forming United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and knowing how to talk about them in our learning.
  • Develop the UNCRC Rights to Respect class charters and will be forming the Waverley School Charter soon!
  • Seek other pupils’ opinions on the issues that matter. At the moment, we are looking at playtime activities as well as for lunchtimes.
  • Meet with the Head of the Primary Phase, Mrs Pouni to present our views and suggestions.
  • Have some training in the skills of listening, public speaking, chairing and minute taking for all School Councillors.
  • Organise visitors to help children’s understanding relating to our wider curriculum.

If you have a questions or ideas for the School Council, please approach Miss Zamir.