Our Staff

We have a talented body of staff at Waverley School that provide engaging and informative lessons for all of our students


R1 Mrs Sultan

R2 Ms Rehman

R3 Mrs Ahktar

Year 1

1A Mrs Boyle

1B Dr Bodhanker

1C Mrs Garner

Year 2 

2A Ms Zafar

2B Ms Zia

2C Mrs Nannua

Year 3

3A Ms S Akhtar

3B Mrs Ahmed

3C Ms F Akhtar

Year 4

4A Mr Yousaf

4B Mr Lewis

4C Mr Suman


Year 5

5A Mrs Younus

5B Mr Muneem

5C Mrs Wali

Year 6

6A Mr Gould

6B Ms Javed

6C Ms Ellahi


 Primary Resource Base: Ms Bi

Directors of Learning

EYFS & Year 1: Ms Robertson

Year 2 & Year 3: Mrs Abid

Year 4: Mrs Pitt

Year 5: Ms Zamir

Year 6: Mr Malik

Directors of SEND: Mrs Cain