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Supermarket vouchers

Birmingham City Council have partnered with Sodexo to provide supermarket vouchers for children eligible for Free School Meals. 

This page refers to the new form of supermarket vouchers provided by Sodexo on behalf of Birmingham City Council. Should you have a query concerning the old style (that uses a Cheque No. and Validation Code) please refer to the guidance sent within the original e-mail. 

Birmingham City Council have partnered with Sodexo to issue supermarket vouchers to families eligible for Free School Meals. 

The 'new style' of vouchers provide families with a web address to access their vouchers. This link will be sent to you via e-mail from our donotreply mailbox. Please note that this mailbox is not monitored and should you have any queries concerning your vouchers, please e-mail or

Sodexo have published some instructions as to how to download your vouchers. This guide is available for you to download below. 

Should you have any difficulties claiming your voucher code, we strongly encourage you to contact Sodexo in the first instance. You can contact them via their website at:

Should Sodexo be unable to resolve your query, or if you have any further questions, then please e-mail us at