Our School


Message from the Head of School, Mrs A. Lloyd

Our commitment to developing young people into happy, high achieving and reflective learners is unwavering and we are proud to be a beacon of excellence in a proudly diverse local community.

Throughout their time at Waverley, your child will develop as a ‘Waverley Learner’. This is someone who is an independent enquirer, creative thinker, reflective learner, team worker, self-manager and effective participator. We provide a broad and balanced curriculum where academic rigour is matched by an equally important love of the creative arts, music, and sport.

Whether your child is a high attaining pupil, speaks English as an additional language or has special educational needs, we will ensure that they thrive and develop in a safe and caring learning environment. We actively promote the value of being outstanding citizens and strong British values underpin everything we do.

At Waverley School we promote a culture of ‘Learning Through Diversity.’ We believe that education is about transforming the lives of young people so that they become successful adults, helping to deepen their understanding of human values and attitudes and developing their vision, ambition and aspirations. We also believe that it is about preparing pupils so that they gain the confidence and capacity to flourish in the British and global society of today and tomorrow. We work collectively to ensure that pupils are able to make carefully considered lifestyle choices, develop and maintain friendships (including the responsible use of social media and digital technology) and discover forms of work that are fulfilling, enjoying and enriching their lives through discovery, reading and culture and face the future with calm intelligence and resourcefulness.

Through our school values of Humanity, Equality, Aspiration and Respect we have created an environment that allows all learners to flourish because mutual respect is encouraged alongside a strong desire to learn. The process begins with enabling every learner to recognise and realise his or her potential and capacity to achieve, and encouraging every learner to aspire. The staff, working alongside the pupils, are actively engaged in learning as they continually improve and develop their expertise and professionalism. A climate of high expectation is actively promoted. We regularly review the work of the school so that our pupils want to take advantage of the best possible opportunities we create for them.

Mrs A. Lloyd

Head of School - Secondary & Sixth Form