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Hot weather arrangements

Dear Parents and Carers, 

We are expecting high temperatures over the next few days, particularly during our scheduled sports days. Please ensure that your child comes to school equipped with a bottle of water. There are water stations available for your child to refill their bottles during their break and lunchtimes. 

We encourage our pupils to behave sensibly during the seasonal hot weather, including remaining in shaded areas as much as possible and avoiding physical exertion if they feel faint, dehydrated, or unwell. 

Although we encourage your child to take sensible precautions during the hot weather, please note that water fights are not permitted on site, nor are items such as water pistols or water balloons. These items will be confiscated. This includes water bottles that are modified or otherwise tampered with so as to be used to participate in a water fight. 

You may also feel that your child would benefit from wearing sunscreen over the next few days, especially during the sports day, and we allow it. If you allow your child to bring in sun screen into school, please ensure that they kept it sealed and secure in their school bag. We will allow the sunscreen to be applied during break and lunchtimes, or before sports day starts. It will not be allowed to be applied during a classroom-based lesson.

Kind regards,

Waverley School