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Return to normal school uniform.

Dear Parents and Carers, 

We relaxed our uniform expectations for pupils over the past few days so that pupils remained comfortable during the predicted heatwave. Despite the information we received, the extreme temperatures have not arrived and the Met Office is no longer issuing warnings for our area. 

Therefore we are asking all pupils to return to wearing their normal school uniform from Thursday 14th July 2022. Pupils may only wear their school PE kits during their timetabled PE lessons.

As it is still warm weather, pupils may choose to remove their blazers during the school day if they so wish. We will also allow pupils to remove their school ties during lessons at the teacher's discretion. 

We continue to encourage pupils to attend school with a bottle of water and there are facilities available for pupils to fill up their water bottles during their break and lunchtimes.

We are aware that the weather is due to change over the weekend and weather warnings are in place for next week. We will write to you again to let you know if we change the expectations for school uniform.

Kind regards,

Waverley School