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Heatwave - risk assessment

Read our response to the July 2022 heatwave and the precautions we are taking to ensure the safety of our staff and pupils. 

You may be aware that there is currently a weather warning from the Met office concerning the temperatures expected for Monday 18th July 2022 and Tuesday 19th July 2022.

Upon the advice of the Department of Education, the school will remain open to all pupils and staff on Monday 18th July 2022 and Tuesday 19th July 2022. 

We are taking sensible precautions to ensure that all pupils and staff remain safe and can continue with their day as normal. You can download a copy of our risk assessment below. 

We will continue to review these precautions and take any necessary actions to safeguard the health and wellbeing of staff and pupils.  

School uniform

Children should wear loose, light-coloured clothing (including their PE kit if they wish, or another light-coloured plain t-shirt and their PE shorts/light fabric tracksuit bottoms) to help keep cool, and sunhats with wide brims to avoid sunburn.

Access to water

Children will have access to plenty of water during breaks and lunchtimes and will be encouraged to drink more than usual. The school is asking parents and carers to support in the role of keeping children hydrated. 

Parents and carers are highly advised to provide plenty of water or squash each day. Pupils can bring several water bottles to school, which can be kept in their school bag.

Children should not be drinking fizzy, caffeinated or high energy drinks- these can lead children to a ‘crash’ in terms of having a high energy spike effect on children, which can then fall rapidly. The school is advising water and/or squash only for hydration.


Parents are encouraged to ask children apply sunscreen (at least factor 15 with UVA protection) before children come to school Children will be permitted to apply additional sunscreen during periods of outdoor activity.