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Phased return of students


The school has now taken the decision to close the school to Primary students as well. Please click the button below to view the latest letter to Parents and Carers of Primary students.

ear Parents and Carers,

Firstly, may I wish everyone a Happy New Year. I hope all of our families have enjoyed the holiday and that you’ve managed to stay safe.

Please accept our apologies for having to send this letter during the holidays but I am sure you will appreciate that the information needed to be shared with you as expediently as possible.

Return of students for the Spring Term

You are probably aware of the announcement from the Government asking secondary schools and colleges to implement a phased start to the Spring Term and to set up a mass COVID-19 testing programme for students and staff. The announcement can be found here: click here to view.

We will follow the Government guidance on how to phase the start of term, which is intended to ensure education can continue, but also reduce the spread of the virus.

Monday 4th January 2021

This day was originally scheduled to be a Trust-wide training day. This will go ahead has planned. As such, school will be closed to all children.

Tuesday 5th January 2021 – Friday 8th January 2021

The following students will return to school:

  • Vulnerable children and the children of critical workers (please see the definition of a critical worker: click here to view.)

Remote learning will commence for children in Years 11 and 13 – please see below for more information.

Students who are due to sit external examinations this week will also return to school. This affects students in Year 12 and Year 13 who have BTEC examinations. They will be expected to attend school for the date and time of their examination. They will return home once the examination is finished.

Week commencing Monday 11th January 2021

Students in year 11 and year 13 will also return to school.

Remote learning will commence for children in all other year groups who are not attending school – please see below for more information.

Further information will be sent to parents/carers next week about their return, the offer of COVID-19 testing in school, and the necessary consent associated with this. 

Week commencing Monday 18th January 2021

Students in all year groups will return to school. 

Further information will be sent to parents/carers about the full return of all students, the offer of COVID-19 testing in school, and the necessary consent associated with this. 


Vulnerable children and children of critical workers

Should you need to discuss your son/daughter’s place as a vulnerable child or child of a critical worker please contact the school at and we will arrange for a member of the student support team to contact you. In order to ensure that these places are provided fairly to those who most need them, we ask that you provide evidence confirming your role as a critical worker in your email. This can be in the form of a lanyard, a letter from your employer or similar documentation.

Should contact not be made prior to 5th January 2021, your child may still attend, but they must report to reception on arrival. We will then confirm on-going arrangements with you via a phone call.

Remote learning

From Tuesday 5th January remote education will be made available for students in Years 11 and 13 via MS Teams. Our remote education offer can be found on our website or via this link:  click here.

Students who continue to attend school as a child of a critical worker child or is a vulnerable student will follow the same remote education whilst in school.

All other year groups will receive remote education from 11th January. This is in line with Government guidance and will enable us to use additional staffing to fully prepare for the mass testing programme.

Mass testing programme

During the Christmas holiday, we have received updates from the Government of a national effort to introduce mass Covid-19 testing in schools. We will communicate our approach to this very soon as there is significant planning to be undertaken.

Free school meal vouchers

As yet, we have not received information from either government or Birmingham City Council regarding Free School Meals Vouchers. Whilst I am sure they will be offered; I will delay confirmation of this until such point that I can give you the correct information.

Thank you for your patience and support following these recent changes to the start of the new term.

Yours sincerely


Mr P. Hyde
Executive Principal