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Half Term Letter - Secondary & Sixth Form

Half Term Letter - Secondary and Sixth Form

Dear Parents and Carers,

As we draw the half term to a close, I wanted to pass on some information to you about the last half term and planning into the new academic year.

Parent/carer consultation evenings in July

If the government unlocks the final stage on 21st June, we will carry out face-to-face parent consultation evenings. During these evenings you will be able to meet with your child’s form tutor. Academic data will be available to you to support the discussion about your child’s learning. Here are the dates for your diary:

  • Year 7: Monday 5th July
  • Year 9: Wednesday 7th July
  • Year 8: Thursday 8th July
  • Years 10 and 12: Thursday 15th July

Parent and carer consultation on the secondary and sixth form school day 2021-2022

As we start to make our usual preparations for the next academic year September 2021 to July 2022, I am sharing with you our plans for the school day.

As you know, we had to alter our times for start of the school day and end of the day for the secondary and sixth form phases this academic year in order to enable students to remain in year group bubbles in compliance with the government’s social distance guidelines to schools during the covid-19 pandemic.

As we prepare to return to a way of working in school, which mirrors the pre-pandemic timetable, we are now planning the school day for next academic year: September 2021 to July 2022.

The timings of the day that we would like to put into place for the start of the secondary school day and the end of the school day from 1st September 2021 are:

All secondary and sixth form year groups:

  • Start of the day/arrival to school: 8:30am (same time as this year)
  • End of the day/finish time: 3:15pm (the same time as the primary phase from September 2021)

For your information, students will still have a 15-minute break-time and 30-minute lunchtime each day. Pupils will still receive their full education entitlement of teaching hours in school each day.

We are consulting with parents and this letter is inviting you to put forward any views and points if you wish. Please email them to . Please address your email for my attention. The consultation ends on Wednesday 9th June 2021.

Thank you to the parents and carers of years 11 and 13

As the teaching, assessing and moderation process draws to a close and the grades are submitted to the examination boards, we would like to thank parents, carers and families not only for the support that they have shown during this challenging academic year, but most sincerely for all the support that they have given to their child and to the school during their child’s time at Waverley. Students in both year groups return to school on 7th June and we will ensure that all work is complete in order to submit the final grades.

Lateral Flow Device Tests

We will continue to issue the testing kits until further government guidance.

The instructions and how to upload the results of the tests to the NHS Test and Trace Service are included in each box. We issue 2 boxes each time, each containing 3 test kits. The testing is voluntary.

We strongly encourage your child to take part so we can help prevent the spread of coronavirus and can better protect everyone in school and the local community.

When we distribute the test kits, we will record your child’s name, the serial number of the test kit, date of issue and expiry date on the kit. The Government has asked us to keep this inventory information for 12 months.

Each pupil is asked to self-test twice a week, ideally before they come into school in the morning. Allow about 5 minutes to conduct the test and 30 minutes for the results.

When the Government provides further instructions soon about the continuation or discontinuation of this measure, we will inform you.

As well as communicating the results to NHS Test and Trace, we ask you (as does the Government) to communicate the results to school via the Achievement Coordinator email below to inform us of the test results, whether they are positive, negative or void. Ideally, you will do this as soon as you get the test result.

When you email the result please include the following information of your child:

  • Full name
  • Year group
  • Form
  • Date of birth

This will enable us to accurately record the result. The result is for information purposes and will be added to the inventory. It will be kept for 12 months.

Please email your results to the email below depending on which year group your child is in:

  • Year 7 –
  • Year 8 –
  • Year 9 –
  • Year 10 –
  • Year 11 –
  • Year 12 and 13 –

This is the official NHS self-test video that has been produced to instruct a person to carry out a self-test. It shows you the stages:

Click here to view

Finally, I would like to thank you all for your continued support and wish you a restful half term break.

Yours sincerely,


Mrs A Lloyd
Secondary and Sixth Form Phase