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September 2021 arrangements

Arrangements for the return of students in September 2021.

Students will start to return to school for the Autumn Term from Monday 6th September 2021 onwards. 

Please check the details below to see when your child will need to attend school. 

Waverley Primary School

All pupils in Waverley Primary School (Reception, Year 1 - 6) will attend school from Monday 6th September 2021. 

School will start at 8:50AM and end at 3:15PM. Primary gates and classroom doors will open from 8:35AM and close by 8:50AM. 

Waverley Secondary School & Sixth Form

Waverley Secondary School and Sixth Form will have a staggered start to the term.

  • Pupils in Year 7 and Year 12 will attend school on Monday 6th September onwards.
  • Pupils in Years 8-11 and Year 13 will attend school from Tuesday 7th September 2021 onwards.

All pupils attend school at 8:25AM.

Year Group Monday 6th September Tuesday 7th September

Wednesday 8th
September (onwards)

7 08:25 08:25 08:25
8 Not in school 08:25 08:25
9 Not in school 08:25 08:25
10 Not in school 08:25 08:25
11 Not in school 08:25 08:25
12 08:25 08:25 08:25
13 Not in school 08:25 08:25

The school day ends at 3:15PM for all pupils. 

Asymptomatic Covid-19 Testing (LFD Tests)

The Government has requested that schools facilitate two Asymptomatic Covid-19 tests on all children attending Secondary School and Sixth Form.

As part of the testing programme, we ask parents of Secondary School children or students attending Sixth Form to complete the LFD testing consent form. You can access this form and further guidance on the programme by clicking the link below: