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Welcome to the Computer Science and Information Technology Department


Our Vision

Waverley School is committed to, and is making considerable investment in Computer Science and Information Technology (CST).Waverley School strongly believes that CSIT capability is essential if students are to make effective use of modern technology to enhance learning in all subject areas and, later, in the wider world of work. Our aim is to offer and deliver a wide ranging provision of CSIT to all students across the whole school curriculum.

At Waverley School the CSIT Department is committed to:

  • Creating and maintaining a positive learning environment.
  • Ensuring that we do not allow limiting beliefs to affect performance.
  • Developing the self esteem of our pupils.
  • Planning the use to Visual, Auditory and kinaesthetic intelligence to enrich learning experience to enrich learning experience.


  • Ensure that all pupils have a broad and balanced information technology curriculum.
  • Ensure that all pupils have a programme which progresses from Yr 7 to Yr 11.
  • Encourage pupils to: gather, store, process and present information through activities in a range of contexts.
  • Provide pupils with opportunities to analyse, design, implement and document information technology systems for use by others.
  • Encourage pupils to develop an understanding of the wider applications and effects of information technology.
  • Encourage pupils to solve problems through the use of information systems and associated principles and techniques.
  • Provide pupils with a broad and balanced view of the range of applications and information systems and an understanding of their capabilities and limitations.


  • Provide an CSIT curriculum that delivers the National Curriculum in each key stage and also provide the opportunity for pupils to gain a formally recognised qualification.
  • Provide an CSIT curriculum that relates the use of technology in lessons to the wider applications and effects of CSIT in everyday life.
  • Choose learning experiences that build upon previous work and pupils' present knowledge and understanding.
  • Choose learning experiences that encourage the development of vocational and enterprise skills alongside those of CSIT.
  • Provide specific opportunities for pupils to take on responsibility for their own learning by encouraging the development of research, practical and investigative skills.
  • Provide opportunities for pupils to use CSIT independently and to show awareness of how CSIT improves efficiency and supports new ways of working.
  • Provide opportunities for pupils to consider the social, legal, ethical and moral issues and security needs for data which surround the increasing use of this technology.

  Curriculum Plans