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Core PE


Students study PE in Year 7 & 8. Within Year 9 (the foundation curriculum year), students either continue to study Core PE or follow the vocational Sports Studies curriculum.

KS3 - year 7, 8, & 9

Pupils have full access to the Physical Education National Curriculum which is differentiated to meet pupils’ learning needs and styles. The Physical Education curriculum is designed to be challenging, appropriate to each pupil’s stage of development. It develops young leaders in roles that include leading, coaching, officiating and opportunities to peer assess and self-assess performance. Students develop a secure foundation of knowledge for the OCR Sports Studies course. 

Modules studied are:

  • Components of fitness, 
  • Fitness, 
  • Basketball,
  • Netball,
  • Football, 
  • Handball, 
  • Aerobics, 
  • Gymnastics, 
  • Trampolining,
  • Table Tennis, 
  • Tennis,
  • Rounders, 
  • Athletics,
  • Cricket, 
  • Rugby,
  • Dodgeball,
  • Dance,
  • OAA 
KS4 - year 10 & 11

Pupils continuing to study core PE in Year 10 and 11 will:

  • Participate in a range of sports including those listed above in KS3.
  • Healthy active lifestyle
  • Mental, Physical and social wellbeing.  


Please note that those continuing to study core PE will not obtain a qualification. Please refer to the Sports Studies page for those who continue to study PE for a qualification.