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The Drama Department Waverley Trust aims to develop individuality; to encourage students to think and express themselves confidently and to encourage tolerance and understanding. They are given the freedom and safe space to explore their life as they see and experience it. 

Students are given opportunities through practical role-play and written drama activities to experience the world around them and begin to appreciate situations from more than one perspective. Drama is used as a tool to educate students in a range of different situations and stimuli. Exploring practitioners throughout their time in Key Stage 3 and 4. 

The curriculum is designed to encourage collaboration and negotiation, which bridges the mixed ability students. It provides an ideal environment to encourage students to work together and to develop trust and friendships. 

Through drama, we encourage students to question and challenge their perception of the world and develop the soft skills employers seek: 

KS3 - year 7, 8, & 9 

Modules studied are: 

  • Confidence & Communication -To develop their vocal and physical skills which allow them to approach a wide range of public speaking with confidence. 

  • Concentration - Working on intricate projects over extended periods of time. 

  • Empathy & sensitivity - Understanding the viewpoints and emotions of a range of characters. 

  • Co-operation & team-work skills - Getting the best out of each other when striving towards a common goal. 

  • Commitment & self-discipline - Encouraged and helped to excel when challenged, developing resilience and grit 

  • Creativity - An understanding of the benefits of participation in the arts, performance and creativity during their time with us at Waverley School and throughout their lives