Our School


We believe English Key Stage 3 (Year 7, 8 & 9) should very much behave as a skills-building approach to reading, writing and oracy. Our aim is to ensure all pupils are confident, critical and cultured in their ability to respond to, and create non-fiction and fiction texts, so that they have a rich foundation for tackling the demands of the key stage 4 English curriculum.     

Modules studied are:

  • Literacy Scheme of Work & Prose
  • Poetry of Prose (Horror - Screams through time)
  • Novel study
  • Creative writing - anime
  • The Young Reporter & Poetry
  • It's all Shakespeare to me
  • Literacy and Creative Writing - Anime
  • Sherlock Holmes - The Speckled Band/The Hound of the Baskervilles
  • Fractured Fairytales
  • Poetry from different Cultures
  • Non-fiction Analysis
  • To be or not to be...