Our School

English Literature and English Language

Our curriculum for Key Stage 4 (Year 10 & 11) is designed to promote independent learning and high quality engagement whilst ensuring the very best outcomes for learners- regardless of starting points. By supporting pupils’ welfare and academic ability, we believe pupils achieve an enjoyment and preparation of English that often ignites a hunger to study English at KS5 and beyond- we want them to feel proud of their progress. Our aim is to regularly challenge pupils to create and consider developed responses in a nurturing environment where teaching is always pitched high. 

Modules delivered are:

  • An Inspector Calls/Lord of the Flies/DNA
  • 19th Century Novel - Frankenstein/A Christmas Carol/Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde/The Sign of Four
  • Romeo & Juliet/Macbeth/A Merchant of Venice
  • Power and Conflict Poetry
  • Unseen Poetry
  • Extracts from 19th/20th/21st Century
  • Creative writing
  • Writing to argue/persuade/inform