Our School

Faculty of Humanities

Faculty Leader:  Ms. S. Singh - Director of Learning for Humanities
Department Leader: Mr. G Ahmed, Phase Leader of Humanities; Mr. P. Edmead, Phase Leader of History; Ms. S. Crawley, Lead of Geography; Ms. A. Moosa, Lead of Religious Education

The Faculty of Humanities offers the following courses:

Key Stage 3

  • Geography
  • History
  • Religious Studies

Key Stage 4

  • Geography (GCSE)
  • History (GCSE)
  • Religious Studies (GCSE + As-Level (Fast-track))
  • Sociology (GCSE)
  • Health and Social Care (Vocational)

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Please note that the Faculty of Humanities also offer qualifications at KS5 (ages 16-18). More information can be found via the Sixth Form curriculum pages.