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Healthy Schools

Healthier students do better in learning and in life. By enabling our students to make positive changes to their behaviour regarding health and well-being, at Waverley School we are helping them reach their full potential in terms of achievement and fulfilment. We also encourage good habits which will benefit them both now and in the future.

The Government's vision of the 21st century school has at its heart the need to address elements of the lives of students, with a particular emphasis on health and well-being.

Both by achieving National Healthy School Status (NHSS) and through participating in the Healthy Schools enhancement model, our school has developed the wider thinking and planning needed to achieve better outcomes around health and well-being for all of our students.

In April 2009, Waverley School was awarded Healthy schools, throughout the year we have been working on ways to ensure students are well provided for and have access to a curriculum that focuses on the key elements of a healthy lifestyle, this included having the correct allotted time in PE, learning about nutrition and a healthy diet, having access to outside support agencies.

The award is an excellent achievement for the school and a very important one for all of us. It is re-assuring to know that the quality of our work by staff and pupils at Waverley School is recognised by a national award.

If you would like to view our Food Nutrition Policy please look at the school policies.