Our School


What night should I do each homework on?
Day Subject Homework - 30 minutes Due
Monday English Tuesday
Tuesday Science Wednesday
Wednesday Humanities (History/Geography/R.E) Thursday
Thursday Modern Foreign Language/Life Skills Friday
Friday Mathematics Next lesson
Saturday Art/Textiles/Music/Drama Monday
Sunday  Physical Education and IT Monday

Spend 60 minutes each night on your homework.

  • 30 minutes of self-quizzing in your homework booklet 
  • 30 minutes reading a suitable book that you can get from the school library.
  • For Mathematics your study will consit of a series of work done online and set by your subject teacher.
Look/Learn, Cover, Write and Check/Correct


Read the information in the order it appears from top to bottom over and over again quietly for 3 minutes.  If you were doing this at home you may choose to read it out loud!


Cover over the information that you have read so you cannot see anything at all.


Now write out word for word what you have read in the same order it appears on the worksheet


Uncover the worksheet and check your work. Correct any mistakes in green pen and add in any words you have missed out.  Do this above where you have written.  That is why the lines in your exercise book are so wide!

Repeat the process above until you can recall the information correctly.