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Our Vision

The Humanities Faculty is a vibrant, innovative and successful faculty made up of History, Geography, Religious Education, Citizenship, Health & Social Care, and PSHE.

Our faculty vision is simple.  We want our pupils to obtain a commitment to learning through achieving outstanding learning, outstanding partnerships and an outstanding ethos.  We expect our pupils to achieve higher than the national average results and we support them in getting there.

Our learning activities are chosen to engage, challenge and motivate our pupils. We match our teaching to the needs of our learners and activities are designed so that pupils of all abilities can maximise their learning. A range of teaching techniques are used to accommodate the individual difference in learning styles, interest and aptitude. Activities are planned to ensure the most able pupils are stretched and that those who are struggling are fully supported.

Core Objectives:

  • To ensure that all students are equipped with the knowledge and skills to achieve academically across a broad range of subjects
  • To ensure that all students are supported and challenged to make excellent progress across a broad range of subjects
  • To ensure that the curriculum prepares students for the next stage of their education and future employment
  • To ensure excellent Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Education is delivered through a high-quality pastoral curriculum


We set out to achieve our core objectives through designing a curriculum with:

  • A strong core curriculum that maximises progress in literacy and numeracy
  • A range of learning pathways which offer optimum support and challenge
  • Inspiring, varied and creative learning experiences
  • A culture of scholarly excellence

Department Headlines

We currently offer the following GCSE subjects at Waverley School: History, Geography, Religious Education, Citizenship and  BTEC Health & Social Care.


Result - Class of 2016:

  • 43% A*-C GCSE History
  • 57% A*-C GCSE Geography
  • 76% A*-C GCSE Religious Education
  • 73% A*-C Fast Track A2 Level Religious Studies

Key Websites

The following members of the 6th Form Team also teach within the Humanities Department:

  • Jasmin Dhillon – Leader of 6th Form (Sociology)
  • Nazia Akram – Law, Heath & Social Care Teacher
  • Sidra Javed - Psychology Teacher

The following members of the Senior Leadership Team also teach in the Humanities Department:

  • Hailee McAuley - Assistant Principal/Head of Pegasus House (Geography)
  • Caroline Frye - Assistant Principal SENCO/ Head of Phoenix House (Health & Social Care)