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Jamaican Project

Yvonne McLeod, Charmaine Gooden-Monteith and Arnaldo Allen are members of the Jamaican Ministry for Education, Region 5. The Jamaican Education’s motto is ‘Every child must learn, every child can learn’.

The three members came to England in November 2011 following an invitation from the charity ‘Jamaica 2000’ co-ordinated by Liz Millman.

At a welcoming party Mr Dowe and Ms Taitt met the members and exchanged pleasantries about the ‘homeland’ and what was their first impression of England apart from being cold!

The project of “Widening Horizons” is being developed by the charity JAMAICA 2000, with support from the Jamaican Ministry of Education, with schools in the UK and schools in Jamaica. JAMAICA 2000 has active links with the British Councils Global Schools Partnership and many other organisations involved in innovation in educational approaches.

The Widening Horizons Project will play an important role in the celebrations of the Jamaican 50th Anniversary of Independence – with an emphasis on our shared history i.e. Jamaica and UK, and in celebrating sporting activity in the 2012 Olympics.

Waverley School is proud to announce that it will be working collaboratively with The Winston Jones School in Mandeville, Jamaica and will work on an assignment based on global and social issues. We believe that both schools will be learning together and learning from each other and want to maintain the partnership.