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Provider Access Policy


Provider Access Policy Statement

  • Students at Waverley School and Sixth Form are entitled to independent careers guidance from Year 7 to Year 13. This Entitlement is designed to reflect the three core aims outlined in the Career Development Institute framework:
  • Developing yourself through careers, employability and enterprise education
  • Learning about careers and the world of work
  • Developing your career management and employability skills
  • Students in Year 10 and Year 12 have access to a work experience week
  • All Provider access requests and contacts should be directed to the ‘Learn to Work’ Team on 0121 446 2781 or to andy@learntowork.org.uk
  • All Provider access requests will be granted where delivery is logistically viable and content increases pupil aspiration and awareness of future opportunities
  • Providers can expect contact from the ‘Learn to Work’ Team to schedule delivery arrangements within five working days of an access request being accepted
  • Post 16/Post 18 Providers are always welcome to leave prospectuses for display and distribution to pupils, please contact the details above to arrange delivery

The Gatsby Benchmarks

Our careers programme is based on evidence from the Gatsby Foundation. The Gatsby Benchmarks originated in a research report (Good Career Guidance) from the Gatsby Foundation in 2013, and the research provides a comprehensive study of career development exploring key elements of good career education. The eight benchmarks are outlined below:

  1. A stable careers programme with a careers leader
  2. Learning from careers and labour market information
  3. Addressing the needs of each student
  4. Linking curriculum learning with careers
  5. Encounters with employers and employees
  6. Experience of work places
  7. Encounters with HE and further education
  8. Personal guidance

To meet the PAL Duty 2023. All Provider access requests and contacts should be directed to the Careers Lead - 

Ms Razia Satti: