About Us

Pupil wellbeing

At Waverley the wellbeing of each pupil is a primary focus and our vision is to enable all pupils to maximise their potential both academically and socially.  We understand that every pupil is different. They learn in different ways and have different interests and areas of strength. Individual pupils also have different needs at different times. Our pupil wellbeing strategy is geared towards treating every pupil as an individual and offering tailored support when they need it.
We have a highly personalised approach to meeting the academic, physical and emotional needs of every pupil. We use information and data from primary schools, our own assessments, national tests, attendance, behaviour and from our meetings with pupils and their parents to make sure we know our pupils well and understand their individual needs providing intervention and support when necessary. Support might be provided from Waverley nursing team, Learning mentor, Home school Link Worker, Attendance team or other agencies.

Year System

Throughout the year Achievement Co-ordinators and Directors of Learning, monitor progress, standards and behaviour.

Year Group Name
EYFS & Year 1  Ms Robertson
Year 2 & 3 Mr Bodhanker
Year 4 & 5 Mr Butler
Year 6 Mr Malik
Year 7  Ms Jones
Year 8 Mr King
Year 9  Mr Amin
Year 10 Mr Dowe
Year 11 Ms Afzal