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Religious Studies


Students study Religious Studies in all year groups at Waverley School. In Year 9 (the foundation curriculum year), students either continue to study Religious Studies at KS3 or commence the fast-track As-Level curriculum. 

KS3 - year 7, 8, & 9

KS3 involves being introduced to skills that are then enhanced in KS4 and KS5- such as information retrieval, analysis, comparison to one’s own belief and interpreting a range of religious scripture. The topics studied are focused on the six main world faiths and key terms. As students progress from years 7- 9 students are introduced to concepts that are more in line with the kinds of topics they will meet in the KS4 course. In Year 9, there is more of an emphasis placed on scripture and ethical concerns, although students are not taught replica information. Through a range of fun and engaging lessons and assessment, students will be able to explore each of the Dispositions, as outlined by the Locally Agreed Syllabus.

Modules studied are:

  • Belief in God
  • RE in Birmingham
  • Human Rights
  • Hinduism
  • Sikhism
  • Buddhism
  • War, Peace, & Conflict
  • Bloody religion
  • Environmental ethics
  • Jewish patriarchs (Moses)
  • Life of Jesus
  • Life of Muhammad
  • Medical ethics
  • Ultimate questions
  • The problem of evil
  • Social justice
  • Other world faiths
KS4 - year 10 & 11

The KS4 curriculum is in line with the AQA GCSE specification for RE. It focuses on Christianity and Islam. Students are also made aware of non-religious views and are encouraged to learn from religion by formulating opinions on controversial topics. There are two elements to the GCSE: Study of Religions, and Thematic Studies. Thematic Studies involves the exploration of pertinent issues in a global society and explores different religious and non-religious attitudes. Students are expected to critically engage with the themes, consider a wide range of attitudes through using scripture and express opinions in a safe, secure and professional manner. Students often enjoy the RE course, and are encouraged to engage in healthy debate. Students begin by looking at Study of Religions as this builds the correct foundation for application to pertinent issues.  

Those students who show extraordinary promise in Religious Education at Waverley School are often invited to complete a Fast-track qualification. This means that students are able to complete a GCSE in one year (year 11) as opposed to two years. They then move on to completing an AS qualification in Year 11.  This is often a very engaging route for students as it offers them the ability to learn new skills ahead of their peers and offers good scope for stretch and challenge.  

The following modules are studied by all pupils in KS4:

  • Islamic beliefs
  • Islamic practices
  • Christianity beliefs
  • Christianity practices
  • Religion and life
  • Religion and life
  • Crime and punishment
  • Relationships and families
  • War, peace, and conflict

The following modules are studied in addition to the above modules for those students selected to participate in fast-track As-Level Religious Studies:

  • Islam
  • Ethics
  • Philosophy