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Our Vision

"As a department, we will do our upmost to ensure every child leaves Waverley School with a Science qualification which will give them the best possible chance to pursue a successful career path."


To inspire pupils to learn about the world around them, this can be achieved through investigation of how science works looking at everyday life.  Pupils will research, plan, carry out practical skills, to conclude and evaluate their experiments on a level that allows for independent learning, critical thinking and linking scientific ideas. 

Department Headlines


KS3 Science

Two-year course that is covered in year 7 and 8 comprises of four to six topics for Biology, Chemistry and Physics, including how science works through practical investigations.

KS4 Science

The course we follow is GCSE Edexcel which covers aspects of Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

The triple pathway involves pupils taking their Biology and Chemistry exams in the Summer of year 10 and the Physics exam in the Summer of year 11. Pupils will leave school with three separate science qualifications in Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

Combined pathway involves pupils taking their Core Exam at the end of year 10 and an Additional Exam at the end of year 11. Pupils will leave School with two combined qualifications in Biology, Chemistry and Physics.
All GCSE Science exams carry a 25% controlled assessment where pupils will research, carry out the controlled practical assessment and evaluate their results to gain an overall mark.

Curriculum Map