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Students are provided with the option of which language they wish to study in Year 7, 8, & 9. Students can then choose whether to continue with that language choice in Years 10 & 11. In Year 9 (the foundation year), students are divided into higher and foundation teaching groups. 

KS3 - year 7, 8, & 9

Key stage 3 learners achieve a broad knowledge base and diverse experience that blends into the learning required at key stage 4. They are able to transfer skills learnt to access more demanding curriculum.  

Modules studied are: 

1.1  Who am I:  

  1. relationships;  

  1. when I was younger;  

  1. what my friends and family are like; 

  1. what makes a good friend;  

  1. interests;  

  1. socialising with friends and family ( in detail)  

  1. role models  

1.2  Daily life: 

1.2.1     customs and everyday life;  

1.2.2     food and drink 

1.2.3     shopping; 

  1. 2.4    social media and technology (use of, advantages and disadvantages) 

1.3 Cultural life: 

1.3.1     celebrations and festivals;  

1.3.2     reading;  

1.3.3     music;  

1.3.4     sport;  

1.3.5     film and television 

2.1    Holidays: 

2.1.1   Holiday preferences, experiences and destinations ( past/future tenses) 

2.2    Travel and tourist transactions:  

2.2.1   travel and accommodation;   

2.2.2   asking for help and dealing with problems;  

2.2.3   directions;  

2.2.4   eating out;  

2.2.5   shopping 

2.3    Town, region and country:  

2.3.1   weather;  

2.3.2   places to see; (local area) 

2.3.3   things to do                  

3.1     What school is like:  

3.1.1   school types;  

3.1.2   school day;  

3.1.3   subjects;  

3.1.4   rules and pressures; (uniform)  

3.1.5   celebrating success  

3.2     School activities:  

3.2.1   school trips,  

3.2.2   events and exchanges 

4.1    Using languages beyond the classroom: forming relationships; travel; employment 

4.1.1      Ambitions: further study; volunteering; training 

4.1.2  Work: jobs, careers and professions 

5.1.1 Bringing the world together: sports events; music events; campaigns and good causes 

5.1.2 Environmental issues: being ‘green’; access to natural resources 

KS4 - year 10 & 11

Students at KS4 choose a language of their choice. They develop their ability and ambition to communicate with native speakers in speech and writing. GCSE Urdu learning also broadens students’ horizons and encourages them to step beyond familiar cultural boundaries and develop new ways of seeing the world; becoming a compassionate and resilient Global Citizen.  

The modules studied are: 

  • Identity and culture 

  • Local area, holiday, and travel 

  • School 

  • Future aspirations, study, and work 

  • International and global dimension