About Us

Years 5 & 6

Should your child be unable to attend school because of the Covid-19 pandemic, the school will continue to provide a remote teaching experience. 

Accessing the online learning

Our students can access their online learning platform via the ‘Student Portal’. To access the Student Portal, your child will need tovisit the ' Student Portal' and use their school provided e-mail address and password.

Your child's e-mail address is their username plus ‘@waverley.bham.sch.uk’. For example, if your child's username was 17ABCDEF, their e-mail address would be 17ABCDEF@waverley.bham.sch.uk.

If your child has forgotten their password, they can request a new one here. 

What will learning look like?

During the school day, your child can expect to receive lessons as they would do so on their timetable. These will be delivered via Teams. If your child is unsure of how to use Teams, they will find a guide on the Student Portal.

Lessons will be delivered via a pre-recorded or live video, after which your child will need to complete a task or an activity. They must submit that work, via Teams, within two working days. Your child will be able to ask their teacher questions. Instructions will be provided during the lesson.

Download Teams for your device

Whilst it is possible to use Teams via any modern up-to-date browser, you may choose to download the application on to your device. If you choose to download the Teams application to your device, you do so at your own risk. Waverley Education Foundation Ltd. does not require the downloading or installation of any applications or software for children to participate in remote learning. Waverley Education Foundation Ltd. will not accept liability for any damage to a device or loss of data that occurs as a direct or indirect result of using an externally provided application or piece of software. 

If you choose to download the application, you may do so from the Microsoft website: click here for further information.